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The Chuters are a veterans centric parachute demonstration team that provides patriotic themed precision aerial parachute demonstrations across the globe.



Keith Walter is a retired US Army Officer who spent his career jumping out of planes.  Now retired, he continues to jump, serving as Chief of Operations for “The Chuters.”  Keith has more than 5500 jumps, has competed in skydiving competitions at the State and National Levels, and is a multi-rated skydiving instructor.  However, his passion is performing for the crowd, and he specializes in providing precision aerial demonstrations at events around the world.   Very personable, Keith loves to talk, so come on up and say “Hi!”


Yvette Walter is the President and Owner of The Chuters.  A career Army Wife, Yvette has a Bachelors Degree in Commercial Art, and makes designer jewelry, custom paintings and specialized freefall and ground photography.  Yvette has 2100 jumps.   She is a certified Skydiving Coach, a PRO rates skydiver, and has competed at the State and National level in Formation Skydiving.  She has performed for the public in the United States and abroad; performing as a jumper. photographer and member of the ground support team.  She relishes the public interaction, and never misses an opportunity to sign autographs or take pictures!


Bill Walsh is a two-­‐time Emmy Award-­‐winning television personality and has spent over twenty years in television news and entertainment.  As a producer, Walsh has been awarded five national Telly Awards for his work on various programs, from news to reality.  Bill served as a member of the elite United States Special Operations Command Para-­‐Commandos with the rank of lieutenant colonel in United States Air Force Reserve until 2017.  As a military member he served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, among many other locations around the world. He has been awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, two Air Force Meritorious Service Medals, the Air Force Commendation Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, the Air Force Achievement Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, among others.

Walsh holds a Master’s Degree in military operational art and science and national security studies from the United States Air Force Air University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.  Bill is also the author of two suspense novels and will release a third later this year.  Originally from Rhode Island, Walsh now makes his home near Charleston, South Carolina, with his wife, Janet, and their two children, Frank and Amy.



Patrick retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2004 after 20 years of service.  He's been deployed on five of the seven continents on a wide range of exercises and causes.  He started skydiving back on May 2nd, 1998 when he found out he was being assigned to an “Airborne” unit.  NOTE: Skydiving and Airborne are totally different.

Since that time, He's made 2200 plus jumps and has accomplished not only fun jumps but a few world records to include being part of the largest Parachutists Over Phorty Society (POPS) formation (130 jumpers).  He was also part of the largest two point POPS formation (108 jumpers),   as well as part of a new world record 3 point 111 way.

His second love is animals.  He works with three different rescue groups finding homes for animals (normally dogs) that other people either give up or don’t want.  He enjoys talking about both skydiving and animals.


Keith is a retired Army officer with multiple special operations assignments and deployments during a 23 year career.  He made his first jumps over 30 years ago and since then he has performed as a jumpmaster, instructor, coach, demonstrator, and competitor.  He also performed on several military parachute demonstration teams while in the service and he now has over 2800 jumps.  His current skydiving passions are to participate in challenging freefall maneuvers with other jumpers, conduct demonstration jumps as part of the The Chuters, and share his excitement for life and the sport with others.


Ron Brooks is a US Army Reserve, Command Sergeant Major assigned to Atlantic Training Division, 75th Training Command and former active duty United States Marine with several overseas deployments.  Ron started skydiving in 2008 and has made over 1100 jumps to date.  A member of the United States Parachute Association, Ron currently holds Coach and Pro/Demo ratings.  Spending winters in Florida and summers in Maine, Ron calls Skydive City, Zephyrhills, FL and Skydive New England, Lebanon, ME his “Home” drop zones.  Besides skydiving, Ron devotes a lot of time training with his Border Collie “Xe” for K-9 agility trials.  Ron joined the Chuters in 2015.


Bill Bickner is an avid skydiver and has been so for more than 20 years.  He has more than 3500 jumps and holds numerous local, state, national and world records for different skydiving formations.  He is a four way, eight way, ten way and sixteen way formation skydiving competitor, with his most recent competition at the 2016 US Parachute Association National Championships.  He has been featured in the Parachutist Magazine and was selected for the Ches Judy Safety Award for promoting safe parachuting.  He's a people person; so come say HI!


Ken Ates is an active duty US Army Special Forces Officer with more than 10 combat and training overseas deployments all over the world.  Ken has spent his current 27 years of service parachuting with the 82nd Airborne Division (with one combat jump into Panama in 1989), the 143rd Infantry (G Company, Long Range Surveillance), the 3rd Special Forces Group, the United States Army Special Operations Command Parachute Team (Black Daggers) and the US Special Operations Command "Para-Commandos."  When not performing at demonstrations, Ken serves as a multi-rated parachute instructor.  Ken has over 3300 jumps and is a North Carolina State record holder.  Ken enjoys sharing skydiving not only with the public, but also at a one on one level with those wanting to learn about skydiving. Ken's spends his free time running half marathons, paddle boarding around Tampa Bay, riding his Harley and reading classic literature.


Kent Paro is a retired Navy SEAL Captain with 31 years of service and multiple combat and training deployments all over the world.  Kent began jumping in 1989 when he received initial military freefall training while assigned to SEAL Team THREE.  He continued jumping in Guam and Spain when he was assigned to Naval Special Warfare Units ONE and TEN.  Kent jumped in Virginia Beach while assigned to Naval Special Warfare Group TWO and while he commanded both SEAL Team TEN and Special Boat Team TWENTY.  He also got to jump in Germany and Normandy while assigned as the Commanding Officer at Naval Special Warfare Unit TWO.

Kent was a SOCOM Para-Commando for many years prior to his retirement and performed many nationally televised parachute demonstrations.  Kent is a tandem instructor and a coach, and has just under 800 jumps.  He enjoys sharing the thrill of parachuting with the public, and loves making new friends.  Kent keeps busy with his teenage daughters and their sports interests, and enjoys jogging and reading (not classic literature like Ken 8s).  He’s the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet and he’s a Navy SEAL, who doesn’t want to meet and talk with a Navy SEAL?  Come say “Hey!”


Kat Huff is an avid fun jumper. As a Medical Physicist by day and mom to young children, her passion for skydiving has had to take a back seat.  Kat has over 2000 jumps.   She has competed at the Collegiate and State levels in Formation Skydiving and holds a World Record for the Largest All Female Formation Skydive in 2002.


She even attempted to try out for Survivor, the long running television show, as a flying Wonder Woman. This launched a wild desire to convince as many fellow skydivers as she could to take to the skies in Super Hero costumes! Kat loves to answer question about the physics of freefall and any other skydiving related questions, so feel free to ask!


Kevin R. Klein is the Director of the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and Governor Polis’ Homeland Security Advisor.  Klein has been involved in public safety for over 30 years.  He started his career as a firefighter/paramedic and rose through the ranks to eventually hold the position of Fire Chief.  Klein left his position as Fire Chief to pursue a graduate degree at Harvard University.  After receiving his graduate degree, Klein began a career in consulting for international, state and local public safety agencies. In 2006, he was appointed Director of the Division of Fire Safety. In 2011 he was appointed Director of the Colorado Division of Homeland Security, where he became a statutory peace officer.  In 2012, the state emergency management responsibilities were added to his portfolio.


Kevin has been skydiving for over 25 years and has more than 2000 jumps and is a USPA D License holder.  He has been a member of The Chuters since 2018.



April 2019 - Brian Bill 4th Annual Golf Tournament, TPC Tampa


March 2019 - General Joe Votel and CSM Thetford Retirement Party at

Seascapes Beach, MacDill Air Force Base


May 2018 - Morten Anderson's Special Teams for Special Operations

Golf Tournament - Atlanta GA


Nov 2018 - Black Dagger Military Hunt Club Fun Shoot, Sarasota, FL


April 2018 - Boca West Children's Foundation Golf Tournament in Boca West FL


November 2017 - Black Dagger Military Hunt Club Fun Shoot, Sarasota, FL


May 2017 -  Grand Bahamas Air Show


May 2017 -  Westchase Golf Course - Tampa, FL Brian Bill Charity Golf Tournament


March 2017 - San Jose, Costa Rica Motocross Race in Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica


February 2017 - Florida Fun Shoot


December 2016 - Hosting a US Parachute Association "PRO" Skydiving Rating Course for Jumpers with more than 200 jumps at Skydive City in Zephyrhills FL


November 2016 - Hillsborough County Sheriff's Range - Lithia FL for the Black Dagger Military Hunt Club's Wounded Warrior Top Shot Competition


October 2016 - Tampa Palms Golf Course in NW Tampa for the Claybaker D.U.S.T.O.F.F Charity Golf Tournament


April 2016 - Gold Star Teens at Operation Blackbeard


April 2016 - Bahamas Air Show


February 2016 - Black Dagger Military

Hunt Club Fun Shoot, Sarasota, FL


November 2015 - Black Daggers Military Hunt

Club Wounded Warrior Military

Top Shot Competition, Lithia, FL


November 2014 - 3rd Annual

Military Heroes Top Shot Competition


November 2014 - TAMCO

Foundation Charity Golf Outing


August 2014 - PRO Camp - Skydive City, FL





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June 2019 - The Beaches of Normandy for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day

August 2019 - Camping World Stadium's College Football Kick-off

October 2019 - The FIS Patriot Golf Tournament, Innisbrook

October 2019 - Tullahoma Tennessee Community Event

November 2019 - Black Dagger Military Hunt Club, Inc's Military Top Shot Event

December 2019 - Carol Martin's 75th Birthday Party, Clearwater FL



The Chuters are a parachuting demonstration team dedicated to providing awe-inspiring, patriotic themed professional parachute demonstrations. We also provide parachuting instruction to the public & specialize in aerial photography, particularly as it relates to parachuting.



To request the Chuters or to get more information, contact us at Info@TheChuters.com.



Our charges are generally non-negotiable, but we do make some concessions for charity and veteran events.  Our standard fees are:


Demos - $2,000 per day plus expenses

AFF Instruction - $300 per day plus expenses

Tandem Instruction - $225 per jump

Wind Tunnel Instruction - $300 per day plus expenses




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